Remotely accessing CS computers

Remotely accessing CS computers

From: Sitsofe Wheeler <>
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 15:52:07 +0000
Message-ID: <>

Some people have asked me about installing Linux on their personal
machines to do the CRTP RTSJ exercises. It's possible to do this (I
would recommend using a virtual machine if you to do) but you will get
limited help if you run into problems setting it up.

An easier solution (for most exercises) is to use a CS desktop remotely
as you only have to install one extra program (and the files you have
been working on in the labs will be readily available).

If you have an Internet connection you can use a CS desktop without
being in the lab using software called NX. NX is available for the major
desktop platforms (so that's Windows, OS X and Linux). Details on where
to get an NX and how to configure it can be found on . 

If you are connecting to a remote Linux CS desktop, I recommend using
the Gnome profile (
as that most closely resembles the Linux desktop we use in class. 

If do use NX, make sure you _explicitly log out when you are done_ -
closing your NX window does NOT stop your NX session running on the
server! You need to logout (e.g. via the system menu) otherwise you will
continue to use up resources on the server! I would especially caution
against running programs that run in an infinite loop over NX.

Any problems with the CS servers running NX are handled by support: .

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