CRTP questions

CRTP questions

From: Sitsofe Wheeler <>
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 15:49:17 +0000
Message-ID: <>

Just a reminder that if you have CRTP questions send an email to the email address. Everyone on the course gets
messages sent/replied to on that list along with Andy and myself.

Good questions:
- "Here's my attempt at doing something (attached)" (I can see what you
  tried to do)
- "Why does X happen instead of Y" (I can see what you based your
  prediction on)
- "I don't understand this exact bit of what someone said" (small, easy
  to reply to)

Bad questions (these types of questions might not get a good reply):
- "What's in the exam?" (Anything you've covered by the end of the
  course. Personally, I don't know any more than what you can find in
  the "Example Examination Paper" section at the bottom of )
- "Can you explain all of Lecture 4?" (too big)
- "Can you give me solution/code to Z?" (I prefer seeing your attempts)

I will stop answering questions on January 1st 2012 so I recommend
asking for help BEFORE the exam season :-)

Good luck!

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