CfPart: CPSWEEK workshop on hybrid systems

CfPart: CPSWEEK workshop on hybrid systems

From: Manuela Bujorianu <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 12:02:04 +0000
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                 |         CALL FOR PARTICIPATION     |


               " Modeling and Verification of Uncertain Hybrid Systems"

                    A Workshop affiliated with CPSWEEK 2010

                        Stockholm, 12th of April 2010


The workshop aims to bring together researchers from computer science,  
control engineering and applied mathematics interested in studying  
uncertain systems with hybrid behavior.

Invited speakers

Luca Bortolussi

	Hybrid Semantics of Stochastic Process Algebras

Manuela Bujorianu

	Autonomous Stochastic Hybrid Systems

Alessandro D'Innocenzo

	Probabilistic Model Checking of Stochastic Hybrid Systems by  
Abstraction: Application to Air Traffic Management

Martin Fränzle

Holger  Hermanns

	The Challenge of Stochastic Electricity Balancing

Xenofon D. Koutsoukos

	Multilevel Splitting for Reachability Analysis of Stochastic Hybrid Systems

Alexandru Mereacre

	Model Checking Continuous-Time Markov Chains Against Timed Automata

Alessandro Pinto  - TBC

Anne Remke

	Hybrid Petri Nets With Costs for Dependability Evaluation

Walid Taha

	What Makes Objects Fly, Bounce, and Break?

Paolo Zuliani

	Verification Issues for Stochastic Hybrid Systems


2010 edition organizers:

Manuela Bujorianu   [University of Manchester, UK]
Martin Fränzle      [University of Oldenburg, DE]

Steering Committee:

Prof. David Broomhead    [University of Manchester, UK]
Manuela Bujorianu        [University of Manchester, UK]
Prof. Martin Fränzle     [University of Oldenburg, DE]
André Platzer            [CMU, USA]
Verena Wolf              [University of Saarland, DE]

Proceedings / topics of interest
The workshop pre-proceedings, consisting of a collection of  
lectures/extended abstracts will appear as an AVACS technical report.  
It is planned that the workshop will be followed by a special issue of  
a journal dedicated to formal verification of probabilistic hybrid  
systems. The topics of interest of this special issue include (but are  
not limited to):
     * new modeling paradigms
     * uncertainty representation
     * control of uncertain systems
     * formal verification of safety properties
     * stochastic models for hybrid systems
     * probabilistic logics for system specification
     * stochastic verification methods
     * performance modeling and verification
     * case studies


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