Lectures on inter-disciplinary analysis of cyber-physical systems

Lectures on inter-disciplinary analysis of cyber-physical systems

From: Manuela Bujorianu <Manuela.Bujorianu_at_manchester.ac.uk>
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 13:36:59 +0000
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Dear Colleague,

The following lectures will be presented at the ETAPS2010 tutorial on
" Uncertainty Modeling in Cyber-Physical Systems":

· Cyber-physical systems: Quo vadis? (M. Bujorianu)

· Nano-systems: The next big thing will be really small! (M. Bujorianu)

· Controlling uncertainty in renewable energy systems (M. Bujorianu)

· Modelling physics/computation interaction by the hybrid  
discrete/continuous paradigm (M. Bujorianu)

· Modelling a water cleaning facility using Hybrid Petri nets with  
general transitions (A. Remke)

· Parametric reachability analysis of Hybrid Petri nets with general  
transitions (A. Remke)

· Modelling networked automation systems using probabilistic hybrid  
automata (T. Teige)

· Bounded model checking of probabilistic hybrid automata (T. Teige)

The tutorial will take place on 21st March˙ 2010 in Paphos, Cyprus.


The normal registration fee is available until 7th March 2010. After  
that date registration is still possible but an increased fee will  

The lectures will be presented by a team of Young and enthusiastic  
researchers (Anne Remke, University of Twente, NL; Tino Teige,  
Oldenburg University, DE; Manuela Bujorianu, Manchester University, UK  
- tutorial organizer) with experience in interdisciplinary research  
combining formal methods, software verification, control engineering  
and stochastic modelling.

The tutorial format is designed to allow the maximum interaction  
between audience and speakers.

Key topics:
· Inter-disciplinary nanoscience
· Energy informatics
· Networked control systems
· Stochastic hybrid systems
· Hybrid Petri nets
· Bounded model checking
· Stochastic and parametric reachability analysis

Many thanks and hoping to see you in Paphos,

Manuela Bujorianu
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