ECMFA 2010 3rd Workshop on Model-Driven Tool & Process Integration

ECMFA 2010 3rd Workshop on Model-Driven Tool & Process Integration

From: Christian Hein <>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 10:22:10 +0100
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Call for Papers - Workshop
*3rd Workshop on Model-Driven Tool & Process Integration*
in conjunction with ECMFA 2010Paris, France, June 15-186th European 
Conference on Modelling Foundations and Applications

*Workshop Description*

Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is on the advance. The reason for this 
advance is the promise of handling the increase of complexity within the 
software and its development process by raising the level of abstraction 
using models as information storage.

In the past years tool vendors adapted the approach of using models as 
information storage of their applications utilizing the advantages of 
these technologies (e.g. model querying, model consistency, implicit 
interface, notification mechanisms). Other vendors now provide the 
possibility to import and export models. But still, out of different 
reasons some tool vendors do not respond to this trend. In this case 3rd 
party vendors provide adapters. All that shows, that MDE has made good 
progress, with regard to the information representation. Now that tool 
internal information becomes available as models, the problem of 
integration and distribution still exists, and is one of the next 
barriers to tackle on the way to an efficient and productive MDE 

The workshop in general addresses the area of application lifecycle 
management. Its main concern is the integration of tools and efficient 
distribution of information in development environments underlying with 
and underlying process based on MDE techniques such as model 
transformation. The aim of the workshop is to join researchers and 
practitioners in the field of development tool and process integration.

*Topics included, but are not limited*

- Tool integration frameworks (e.g. Repositories, Interfaces, Adapters, 
Transport layer)
- Distributed tool chains
- Management of tool chains
- Granularity of access
- Security and Access Control of models and tools
- Adaptation between meta modelling frameworks (e.g. MOF 1.4 , CMOF, 
- Model and model element identification
- Model Driven Enterprise Service Bus
- Model Driven process integration
- Model Based System Management
- Distributed Modelling technologies (e.g. model querying)
- Problem scenarios, User requirements, Practice reports & Success stories

This year’s edition of the workshop encourages in particular the 
submission of papers addressing the domain of embedded systems 
engineering as a key domain in European industry. However, the scope of 
the workshop is not limited to this domain and all submission will be 
evaluated based on their general contribution to theory and practice of 
tool and process integration. The workshop is open to anybody interested 
in increasing the efficiency in modeldriven software engineering. Based 
on the experiences gained from earlier version of the workshop (see 
below) a high number of participants especially from industry is expected.

*Important Dates*

Submission deadline: April 9, 2010
Notification of acceptance for participation/presentation: May, 3, 2010
Final papers: May 21, 2010
Workshop: June 15, 2010 (tentative)


Christian Hein, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin/Germany
Michael Wagner, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin/Germany
Roland Mader, AVL, Graz University of Technology, Graz/Austria
Andreas Keis, EADS IW, Cardiff/UK
Eric Armengaud, Virtual Vehicle, Graz/Austria

Workshop e-mail address: to be provided (see homepage below)
Workshop homepage:

*Format of the Workshop*

The workshop will comprise presentations of accepted papers, tool 
presentations, and a keynote from industry. Papers should be submitted 
in advance and will be reviewed by at least two members of the program 
committee. All accepted papers will appear in the workshop proceedings. 
It is planned to publish bounded proceedings with ISBN. At least one 
author for each accepted paper should register for the workshop at the 
conference and present the paper. For every accepted paper a second 
reader will make a second presentation containing questions and 
critiques. This shall facilitate exchange of ideas and stimulate 
discussions among the workshop participant.

*Paper Submission*

Prospective authors are invited to submit papers for presentation in any 
of the areas listed above. Scientific papers, position papers and 
experience reports are welcome equally. Only papers in English will be 
accepted. Length of papers should be 5 pages minimum and must not exceed 
12 pages formatted in LNCS format. Papers have to present original 
contributions not concurrently submitted elsewhere.


Workshop participants should register with ECMFA 2010 registration system.


The organizers participate in the CESAR project which is a European 
funded project from ARTEMIS JOINT UNDERTAKING (JU) and which focuses 
among other things on many of the items listed above.

*Program Committee * (to be confirmed)

Thomas Peikenkamp, Offis, Germany
Gerhard Griessnig, AVL, Austria
Christian Kreiner, TU Graz, Austria
Andrey Sadovykh, Softeam, France
Maria Agustina Cibran, Thales, France
Terry Bailey, Vicinay Cadenas, Spain
Tom Ritter, Fraunhofer FOKUS
Andreas Keis, EADS IW, UK
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