Tenured Faculty Position on Model Driven Engineering at École des Mines de Nantes

Tenured Faculty Position on Model Driven Engineering at École des Mines de Nantes

From: Jordi Cabot <jordi.cabot_at_inria.fr>
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 10:02:30 +0100
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École des Mines de Nantes (EMN) has opened a new permanent faculty position
in the field of Model-Driven Engineering. The selected candidate will become
part of the joint INRIA-EMN research team AtlanMod (

AtlanMod performs research on modeling and model driven technologies
including topics such as: model transformation, metamodeling, DSLs, UML,
SBVR, model weaving and model management. The team notably applies these
technologies to the reverse engineering and tool interoperability domains.
Some of the recent contributions of the AtlanMod team are the well-known ATL
language (for model-to-model transformations), KM3 (for metamodeling), TCS
(for defining textual concrete syntaxes for Domain-Specific Languages), AM3
(model management), AMW (for model weaving), and MoDisco (for model-driven
reverse engineering).

We are looking for highly-motivated researchers interested in participating
in national and international research projects working in a close
relationship with our industry partners. The working language of the team is

Candidates that intend to apply are expected to contact:

Jordi Cabot (jordi.cabot@emn.fr) – AtlanMod research team
Narendra Jussien (Narendra.Jussien@emn.fr) - Head of department

Candidates have to apply directly to École des Mines de Nantes. They must
possess a European (EU) nationality but need not pass the French process of
"qualification" for university positions. Official announcement:

Important dates:
- Request dossier (application documents to be submitted) to apply for the
position by email from Carole Menetrot (Carole.Menetrot@emn.fr) by March
26th, 2010
- Submit paper dossier to Carole Menetrot by April 8th, 2010

Jordi Cabot
AtlanMod Research Team
École des Mines de Nantes

AtlanMod Research Team
INRIA - École des Mines de Nantes
Home page: http://jordicabot.com
Software modeling languages portal: http://modeling-languages.com
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