1st CFP: FM+AM'09 Workshop on Formal Methods and Agile Methods

1st CFP: FM+AM'09 Workshop on Formal Methods and Agile Methods

From: Stefan G <sgruner_at_cs.up.ac.za>
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2009 13:15:52 +0200
Message-ID: <4A27ACE8.6050906@cs.up.ac.za>

FM+AM'09 Workshop on Formal Methods and Agile Methods,
   at ICFEM'09, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, December 2009.

Formal Methods (FM) and Agile Methods (AM) are two rather
orthogonal answers to the Software Crisis which is typically
characterised by error-prone and slow software development
* Whereas FM has by-and-large focussed its attention on the
  issue of software correctness,
* AM is by-and-large concerned about the issue of development
  speed (a.k.a. "time to market").

In this context, Original Papers with NEW IDEAS about how to
make rapid software development methods more formally sound,
and how to make formal software development methods  faster,
are requested for this FM+AM'09 workshop. This refers to all
phases of the software cycle, from requirements to testing,
and it also includes the development of embedded systems.
"Automation" may be a keyword hinting into a good direction,
but this shall not exclude alternative creative solutions.

For Details about how to submit a paper: see the FM+AM'09
    Workshop Website at http://polelo.cs.up.ac.za/fm_am/

+++ *SUBMISSION DEADLINE* : September 15, 2009. +++

_Programme Committee_ :
    * Dines Bjørner
    * Paul Boca
    * Artur Boronat
    * Manfred Broy
    * Anthony Finkelstein
    * Kurt Geihs
    * Stefan Gruner (chair)
    * Horst Lichter
    * Franco Mazzanti
    * Mark Minas
    * Pieter Mosterman
    * Erhard Ploedereder
    * Bernhard Rumpe
    * Ina Schieferdecker
    * Holger Schlingloff
    * Morkel Theunissen
    * Helen Treharne
    * Heike Wehrheim
    * Bernhard Westfechtel

We are looking forward to an interesting event in Brasil!
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