ICSE 2009 Models in Software Engineering Workshop Call for papers

ICSE 2009 Models in Software Engineering Workshop Call for papers

From: Robert France <france_at_CS.ColoState.EDU>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 09:37:03 -0700
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Workshop on Modeling in Software Engineering 2009 @ ICSE 2009
MiSE 09

May 17-18, 2009
Vancouver, Canada


Workshop Overview
The purpose of this workshop is to promote the use of models in the
engineering process of software and software-intensive systems. In
particular, we are interested in the exchange of innovative technical
ideas and experiences related to modeling: modeling notations,
abstractions and modeling strategies, use of models, and so on. The main
goal is the exchange of innovative ideas on the use of models in
software engineering and to further promote cross-fertilization between
the modeling communities (e.g., MODELS) and software-engineering

This workshop will provide a forum for discussing the challenges
associated with modeling software and with incorporating modeling
practices into the software development process. We are interested in
model-related research topics at all levels of the software development,
including use of models during software execution. A list of topics

 * Modeling notations and tools
 * Metamodeling
 * Abstractions and modeling methodologies
 * Model-based analyses
 * Model transformation and composition
 * Model evaluation
 * Model management
 * Extracting models from software artifacts (e.g., program understanding)
 * Use of models for downstream activities (e.g., generating test
cases, using models at runtime)
 * Empirical studies
 * Domain-specific modeling
 * Further uses of modeling

Important Dates
11 January, 2009     Submission of abstracts
14 January, 2008     Submission of workshop papers
28 January, 2008     Notification of acceptance
15 February, 2008     Camera-ready papers due

Workshop Format
The workshop will be held over one and a half days, starting on the
afternoon of the first day. On the first day and the morning of the
second day, paper presentations will be structured into sessions of
thematically related papers. In order to foster lively discussions, each
paper presentation will be structured as follows:

1. A 20 minute presentation by an author, summarising the key points in
the paper.

2. A reaction by one of the organizers or PC member to the topic,
including issues, questions or other insights.

3. A 5 minute general discussion that includes time for the author to
respond to the reaction. The person presenting the reaction takes notes
regarding the overall discussion, and puts together a one-page summary
of the reaction and ensuing discussion that will appear in the
proceedings, directly following the paper.

The remaining half-day workshop will be spent in working groups or an
open-plan discussion (depending on number of participants) based on
topics collected by session chairs during paper presentations and
discussions during the first day of the workshop. The workshop will be
summarized either in a halfhour of summary presentations from each
working group or a summary presentation by one of the organizers.

Submission Guidelines
Although the workshop is open to all, prospective participants are
invited to submit a 4-6 page position paper. All submissions will be
reviewed by members of the program committee and the organizing
committee for quality and relevance. All submitted papers must conform
to the style guidelines required for IEEE Conference Proceedings.
Accepted papers will become part of the workshop proceedings. See the
workshop website (http://wikiserver.sse.cs.tu-bs.de/mise09)
for instructions on how to submit.

Organizing Committee
 * Robert Baillargeon, Panasonic Automotive Systems
 * Robert France, Colorado State University
 * Geri Georg, Colorado State University
 * Bernhard Rumpe, Braunschweig University of Technology
 * Steven Völkel, Braunschweig University of Technology
 * Steffen Zschaler, Lancaster University

Program Committee
 * Manfred Broy, TU Munich, Germany
 * Alessandra Cavarra, Oxford University Computing Laboratory, UK
 * Marcha Chechik, University of Toronto, Canada
 * Tony Clark, Thames Valley University, UK
 * Steve Easterbrook, University of Toronto, Canada
 * Ludger Fiege, Siemens, Germany
 * Holger Giese, University of Paderborn, Germany
 * Jeff Gray, University of Alabama at Birmingham, US
 * Michaela Huhn, Braunschweig University of Technology, Germany
 * Awais Rashid, Lancaster University, UK
 * Arnor Solberg, SINTEF, Norway

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