CfP: STTT Special Section on Graph-Based Tool Comparison

CfP: STTT Special Section on Graph-Based Tool Comparison

From: Arend Rensink <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 09:43:14 +0100
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Call for Papers:
STTT Special Section on Graph-Based Tool Comparison
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Guest Editors: Pieter Van Gorp and Arend Rensink
CfP in PDF format:

Tools are crucial for the promotion of graph transformation in
industry. Currently, a variety of tool environments exist for
different graph transformation approaches. However, for potential
users, working in application domains where graph transformation
may be a useful technique, it is difficult to select the right
tool for their purpose. Moreover, even the experience of many
existing users does not extend beyond a few of the available
tools. Finally, and maybe most importantly, the tool developers
themselves can also be inspired by a more detailed understanding
of related approaches.

Therefore, the graph transformation community organizes a yearly
tool contest to compare the expressiveness, the usability and the
performance of graph transformation tools along a number of
selected case studies. The goal is to learn about the pros and
cons of each tool considering different applications. A deeper
understanding of the relative merits of different tool features
will help to further improve graph transformation tools and to
indicate open problems. After learning from two editions (Kassel
in 2007, Leicester in 2008), the results should be published to
other communities too. Moreover, the software related to the
contest should be made accessible in a convenient manner.

1 Type of Contributions
A special section of the International Journal on Software Tools
for Technlogy Transfer (STTT) will contain articles related to the
organization of the tool contest as well as a detailed description
and comparison criteria for each case study. Moreover, this call
solicits contributions related to:

* detailed descussions of one or more solutions to a case study,
* concrete evidence that previously published techniques matter
in practice,
* degree of similarity between the solutions and the tools used,
* suggestions for improvement, based on observations from case

This call solicits contributions from the complete graph and
model transformation communities and is not limited to extended
submissions related to the tool contest. However, to promote
direct comparisons between competing approaches, the special
section does focus on the three case studies from the latest
contest (see PDF CfP for details):
* the AntWorld case study (runtime performance, visualization)
* the Refactoring case study (understandability of transformation)
* the ConferenceScheduling case study (verification features,
flexibility and modularity of the solution, ...)

2 Reproducibility: Electronic Tool Integration
In accordance with the journal tradition, authors are strongly
encouraged to integrate their solutions using the STTT service
platform jETI. Moreover, all participants are required to prepare
a Virtual Machine (VM) image (containing an optimally configured
version of all tools that are required to run (and debug) a case
study solution.

3 Important Dates
* 16/01/2009 Abstract submission, commitment to submit a paper
* 06/02 First submission of VM image
* 12/02 VirtualBox images available to all participants
* 13/02 start testing of jETI services
* 13/03 Full paper submission, VM image resubmission, service
testing complete
* 08/05 Major reviews complete
* 22/05 Final submission of papers and VM images
* 29/05 Final notification of acceptance

4 Submission
Manuscripts should comply with the STTT author guidelines (see and should be
submitted via
Software artifacts should be submitted by sending a URL for download

Looking forward to your contribution!


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