MODELS'08 call for participation

MODELS'08 call for participation

From: Benoit Baudry <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 14:57:05 -0600
Message-ID: <>
MODELS'08 Call for Participation

11th International Conference on
Model-Driven Engineering Languages and Systems

Sept. 28 - Oct. 3, 2008 in Toulouse, France

Early registration will open late August
Early registration deadline: September, 10th, 2008

MODELS is the premier conference in model-driven approaches to
software development, bringing together practitioners and researchers
to present and discuss both practical experience
and innovative techniques.

MODELS’08 will take place in Toulouse, the 4th town in France
(by size), and the 2nd town in France by number of students (
115000 students, 10000 researchers). The conference will be
located in Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis.

In addtion to the presentation of the latest research and experience
results, the MODELS'08 program will include


Don Batory (University of Texas, USA) The Objects and Arrows
of Computational Designs

Jeff Kramer (London Imperial College, UK) "Abstraction and
Modelling - a complementary partnership"

Patrick Rauhut (Airbus, Germany) "3D parametric models for
aeroplanes – from idea to design"


Past and future of MDD.
Grady Booch, Richard Soley, Jeff Kramer,
Bran Selic, Patrick Farail

Addressing the Challenges of Multi-Modeling for
Domain-Specific Modeling Languages.
Trip Denton, Edward A. Lee, Jose Meseguer,
Douglas C. Schmidt


Security Modeling Security
ChaMDE Challenges in Model Driven Software Engineering
NFPinDSML Non-Functional System Properties in Domain
Specific Modeling Languages
TWOMDE Transforming and Weaving Ontologies and Model
Driven Engineering
ESMDE Empirical Studies of Model Driven Engineering
ACES-MB Model Based Architecting and Construction of
Embedded Systems
MCCM Model co-evolution and consistency management
QiM Quality in Modeling
MOTHIS Model-based Design of Trustworthy Health
Information Systems
MDWE Model-Driven Web Engineering
OCL OCL Tools: From Implementation to Evaluation and Comparison


T1: Aspect-Oriented Modeling
T2: Model-to-model Transformation with ATL,
T3: Model-based vs. Code-based Verification for Critical Systems
T4: Product-line Modeling and Automation with Eclipse
T5: Model-driven Engineering for Continuous System Integration
of Large-scale Component-based Systems
T6: Effective Model Driven Engineering Patterns Principles
and Practices in Action
T7: Model Driven Language Engineering
T8: Analyzing UML/OCL Models wit HOL-OCL
T9: Model-based Development of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA)

****Co-located event****
1st International Conference on Software Language Engineering (SLE)

Conference chairs:
Ileana Ober, France
Jean-Michel Bruel, France

Program Chair:
Krzysztof Czarnecki, Canada

Experience track chairs:
Axel Uhl, Germany
Marcus Voelter, Germany

Workshop Chair:
Michel Chaudron, The Netherlands

Panel Chair:
Sudipto Ghosh, USA

Tutorial Chair:
Xavier Blanc, France

Doctoral Symposium chair:
Alexander Pretschner, Switzerland

Educator Symposium:
Michal Smialek, Poland

Steering Committee Chair:
Jon Whittle, UK

Publicity Chair:
Benoit Baudry, France

Technological Track:
Pascal Roques, France

Research Projects Symp.:
Iulian Ober, France

Program committee:
Araujo, Joao
Assmann, Uwe
Baudry, Benoit
Bézivin, Jean
Blanc, Xavier
Borba, Paulo
Briand, Lionel
Cheng, Betty
Chiba, Shigeru
Dingel, Juergen
Engels, Gregor
Favre, Jean-Marie
Fischer, Bernhard
France, Robert
Gall, Harald
Georg, Geri
Giese, Holger
Girba, Tudor
Gogolla, Martin
Gokhale, Aniruddha
Grünbacher, Paul
Grundy, John
Haugen, Øystein
Helsen, Simon
Hirschfeld, Robert
Hussmann, Heinrich
Jezequel, Jean-Marc
Karsai, Gabor Koehler, Jana
Koschke, Rainer
Kühne, Thomas
Küster, Jochen
Lämmel, Ralf
Lanza, Michele
Lawley, Michael
Lethbridge, Timothy C.
Merks, Ed
Møller-Pedersen, Birger
Moreira, Ana
Muller, Pierre-Alain
Pretschner, Alexander
Reggio, Gianna
Rumpe, Bernhard
Schürr, Andy
Selic, Bran
Stevens, Perdita
Stroulia, Eleni
Taentzer, Gabriele
Tolvanen, Juha-Pekka
Uhl, Axel
Vangheluwe, Hans
Visser, Eelco
Wasowski, Andrzej
Weigert, Thomas
Whittle, Jon
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