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                         ECMDA 2008

       European Conference on Model Driven Architecture(r)
                Foundations and Applications

		Berlin, Germany, June 09 - 12, 2008

Model driven software engineering concerns the use of models in the
specification, design, analysis, synthesis, deployment, and evolution
of complex software systems. This conference is dedicated to furthering
the state of knowledge and fostering the industrialization of this
methodology. Its focus is on engaging the key European research and
industrial figures in a dialogue which will result in a stronger more
efficient industry, producing more reliable software on the basis of
state-of-the-art research results.

ECMDA consists of academic and industry paper tracks, workshops,
tool exhibitions and consultancy booths; the tool vendors and 
consultants are given the opportunity to describe their products and
services in a separate tools and services track. This call
describes how to apply for participation in the tools and services


Tool support and expert consultancy is crucial for applying MDA(r). The 
ECMDA pays specific attention to the tools and services available to
industrial concerns adopting MDA(r). The special tool and services track
consists of:

- An exhibition area where tool providers and consultants can
   their tools and services to the conference attendees.
- A poster area where open source and academic tools can present their
   tools to the conference attendees.
- A tools and services presentation track, running in parallel to the 
   main sessions of the conference.

Each exhibitor will get a slot in the tools and services presentation 
track, which can used to discuss and demonstrate their tools and
services. Exhibotors have to choose one of the sponsor packages

Academic and open source tool providers with posters will 
also be scheduled in the tools and services track.

A tentative, but non exhaustive list of topics for the type of tools 
and services we are looking for is:

- Tools for Metamodelling
- Tools for Model Transformations
- Tools for Defining Modeling Languages
- Tools for Reasoning about Models
- Tools for Model Checking, Consistency & Verification
- Tools for Model Execution
- Tools for Model Simulation
- Tools for Model Testing
- MDA(r) Technology Change Management Services
- MDA(r) Based Application Development Services
- MDA(r) Assessment Services
- MDA(r) Training Services
- MDA(r) Feasibility Study Services

Tools and services may focus on one specific aspect, or offer a broader
collection of functionality. Furthermore, tools and services may focus 
on a specific application domain, or be general purpose.

Tools and Services Application

If you are interested in presenting an MDA(r) tool or service at ECMDA, 
you should send a proposal to the tools session at

For the submission and acceptance dates see below ("important dates").
With your application provide:

- Your affiliation
- A comprehensive (two to four page) description of the tool or services

   to be presented, with emphasis on the aspects that make the tool 
   or service relevant in the context of MDA(r).
- Whether your tool is academic, open source, or commercial
- Whether you want to participate in the tools presentation track.


Tools and services proposals due:  		     Apr 7th 2008
Notification of tool and service track acceptance:   Apr 28th 2008

Model Driven Architecture(r) is an initiative of the Object Management
Group (OMG).
Model-Driven Architecture, MDA, Model-Driven Development, MDD, UML, XMI,

and their corresponding logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of
Object Management Group, Inc. in the United States, in the European
and in other countries.
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