Open source meta-CASE tool MOFLON released

Open source meta-CASE tool MOFLON released

From: Tobias Rötschke <>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 21:28:26 +0100
Message-ID: <>
Dear colleagues,


A short while ago, we have released the open source meta-CASE tool MOFLON
1.0. With the MOFLON meta-CASE tool, you can perform a wide range of tasks in
the fields of model analysis, model transformation, and model integration for
standard modeling languages like UML or domain-specific modeling languages.
You can create domain-specific engineering languages (DSL) or model-driven
software engineering solutions (MDA/MDD). To this end, MOFLON combines the
comfort of using the well-known standard languages MOF/UML 2.0, OCL 2.0, and
QVT with intuitive visual graph transformation rules and powerful declarative
triple graph grammars (TGG). Through co-operation with the DiaMeta project at
the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, we are also able to
generate adequate editors for meta models, which makes MOFLON a complete
meta-CASE tool.


Release 1.0 is build on top of the Fujaba 5.0 Toolsuite and replaces the
classic class diagram editor and the default code generation templates by MOF
2.0 / JMI - based alternatives. Fujaba's well-established story diagrams
have been reused and improved. The first release contains MOF 2.0 editing and
code generation. TGG and OCL support are already underway. The next release
is scheduled for March 15th and will include TGG support.


We think that this tool should be relevant for the Precise UML community,
because our approach to understand the precise semantics of UML and MOF is
trying to implement it. Doing made us aware of several gaps in the UML 2.0
Infrastructure Library / MOF 2.0 specification which we had to fix in order
to be able to implement our tool. Considering earlier discussions in this
mailing list, I would like to mention that we used the official UML 2.0
superstructure Rose model provided by the OMG as a test case for our tool and
were able to generate JMI code for it. We also found out, that the model
contains a small number of bugs (like unresolved names etc.).


Further information about MOFLON can be found on
<>  . We hope you enjoy MOFLON and share your suggestions
and ideas with us. We also thank everybody who contributed to the MOFLON
projects and made this release possible.



Kind regards on the behalf of the MOFLON development team,


Tobias Rötschke




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