Duplications in UML2 Metamodel?

Duplications in UML2 Metamodel?

From: Andrea Baruzzo <andrea.baruzzo_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 11:56:11 +0100
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Sorry for the bad quoting in the last message. Here the original text,
without the wrong quoting.

Dear all,
I have downloaded StartUML, as suggested by some of you, in order to open the
Rational Rose UML2 metamodel. In fact the tool support this feature but when
I try to open the metamodel project file, there are some errors in the
conversion. In particular, I receive many messages similar to the

Visibility_Relationship element "" cannot be converted (reason:
Invalid generation parameter.)

Anyway, the tool creates a model for the Rose Project. But when I
browse the diagrams, I find some strange things such as many
duplication of the same concept in the same diagram. I don't know if I
am allowed to attach a diagram (in gif format); in any case, if you
examine the classifiers hierarchy, you can find many instances of the
same classes (Classifier, Class, Interface,...). There is also a
strange note  ("class and each increments")  attached to every such
instance of the "Class" class, but I don't understand it.

Reading the note, I suspect that the duplication is not due to the
conversion problem I have experimented, but an intentional feature. If
so, can you explain me its meaning?

Best regards,

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