Re: UML Tool to manage Rose models

Re: UML Tool to manage Rose models

From: Christophe Ponsard <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 21:09:39 +0100
Message-ID: <>
Hello Andrea,

I had the same problem recently with another kind of mdl model.
I could open a rose project with Visual Paradigm in demo mode.
Other UML tools from big vendors probably work too.

As free solution you can try to use:
- Eclipse with EMF tools and a graphical design tool such as Omondo 
Create EMF project from .mdl file then create .ecd class diagram from 
project, do not forget to check "association"
- JRoseViewer (viewer only). I don't know the exact status of the project
The official sf website does not offer code anymore but you can still 
find some bundles, eg. from

Hope this helps
-- Christophe

ps. we should suggest Bran Selic to publish a "standard" XMI description ;-)

Andrea Baruzzo a écrit :
> Dear puml'ers,
> I am looking for a (free) tool which allows me to manage .mdl models.
> My goal is to view (even only in read-mode) the .mdl models. In
> particular, I want to "browse" the UML 2 metamodel. I have found that
> metamodel in the OMG web site:
> but unfortunately I haven't Rose.
> Any suggestion?
> Best regards,
> Andrea

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