Final Reminder : CfP for M-TOOS Workshop at OOPSLA

Final Reminder : CfP for M-TOOS Workshop at OOPSLA

From: Clay Williams <>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 15:48:07 -0400
Message-ID: <>
The submission deadline for the workshop has been extended to September 5 
at midnight Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7). 

While we are definitely interested in papers on model-based testing of 
object-oriented systems, we are also open to receiving papers from 
researchers working on either broader issues in object-oriented testing or 
general model-based testing techniques.  We believe that participation 
from these communities is important to help us have a substantive dialog 
on issues related to model-based testing of object-oriented systems.

                       1st Workshop on 
         Affiliated with OOPSLA 2006, October 23, 2006

         Wolfgang Grieskamp (Microsoft Research, Redmond) 
       Debra Richardson (University of California -- Irvine) 
          Clay Williams (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)


Model-based testing of systems has long been a goal of the testing
research community, and many paradigms have been proposed and
developed.  However, while model-based testing approaches are successfully 

used in industry, they have yet to be adopted as mainstream practices.
This workshop will explore the impact of object-orientation on model-based
testing, as it affects both the creation of test generation tools, and
the application of tools to object-oriented systems.  Our primary
purpose is to identify the key challenges to widespread use of model-
based testing approaches for testing object oriented software, and to
determine possible ways that object-orientation (and other approaches)
may be helpful in overcoming these challenges.

The main theme of this workshop is simple: to determine how
model-based testing can be made a widespread practice, particularly in
the era of object-oriented systems.  Object-oriented languages (C++,
C#, Java) now dominate software development, and object-oriented
systems are pervasive.  Object-orientation brings both significant
advantages (clean encapsulation of data and behavior, well-specified
APIs) and challenges (run time polymorphism and dynamic binding,
dynamic object creation, reflection, callbacks, threading) to the
testing enterprise.  To help determine potential directions for
enhancing the use of model-based testing techniques in industry, we
will solicit position papers related to (but not limited to) the
following topics.

*   Modeling languages and model creation
*   Modeling object-oriented constructs and concerns
*   Model representation and analysis
*   Test generation and selection
*   Use of object-orientation in test generation tools
*   Support for testing within object-oriented languages and platforms

Papers should discuss important issues and inhibitors in one or more
of these areas for the use of model-based testing.  They should also
propose approaches (or a process for developing approaches) to
overcome these issues.  All papers must be submitted electronically in
PDF format, and must not exceed 8 pages in the ACM proceedings format.
Please go to the conference web site
( for electronic


Submissions Due:    September 3, 2006 
Notifications:      September 24, 2006 
Final Copies Due:   October 13, 2006 
Workshop:           October 23, 2006


In formation -- please look at the conference web page for updates.
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