Model repositories

Model repositories

From: Jean Bezivin <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 15:23:18 +0200
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Hi all:

There are several projects that have been started
some time ago on model repositories. ReMoDD, AM3, ZooMM, etc.

On May 24 at ICSE, Shanghai Betty Cheng organized a meeting 
to discuss the ReMoDD project. The following topics
were discussed there:

1. How to encourage and obtain industrial artifacts for ReMoDD?
2. What artifacts should we emphasize for the 1st generation of ReMoDD?
(How will these artifacts be used? etc)
3. What kind of user interface needs should we keep in mind as we build
a prototype interface?

The discussion concluded to several new questions that have to
be answered. I am writing from my notes, but Betty
may correct this:

1. Which kind of models do we want to collect? 
(UML models, UML "profiled" models? which profile, etc.)

2. To which kind of metamodels should these models comply?
UML 1.x, UML 2.0, UML 2.1, non UML metamodels?

3. What will be the storing format of these models?
XMI 1.x, XMI 2.0, XMI 2.1, etc?  

4. What will be the concrete repository?
Implemented where? With which support?
With which resources?

5. What will be the tools available to 
feed or query this model repository? 

6. What will be the status of the contributed
models? Open source? Which license? GPL? EPL?

7. What will be the accessibility to the deposited models?
(This is related to the previous question, but several
difficult situations may be found like some countries not
allowed to access artefacts produced under industrial/military
funding, etc.)

One general conclusion of this meeting was that there are 
already several initiatives that have been launched in Europe
or North America on the subject of model repositories.
As Jean-Marie suggests, it will be interesting to link
these various initiatives. It is very unlikely that there will
be one unique place for all these repositories, but a federated
non-centralized model repository seems to make sense.

The Gamma ( workshop was a first step
to this. May be the organization of a set of BOF at various conferences
may also help?  MoDELs is a good candidate as is OOPSLA later.
Next week there will be some related workshops and discussions at ECOOP
in Nantes,
for example the eTX one:
Some aspects of the AM3 model repository will be presented at this
Many recent extensions to AM3 are not described in this paper,
because they are still in development, but should be contributed before
next autumn. 
The creation of the AM3 Eclipse project
has been supported by the ModelWare European IP project
and its development is sheduled to be part of the new
European ModelPlex IP project (nov. 2006- nov. 2009)

There is however in the paper above an answer to Tom's question.
Since we consider a terminal model or a metamodel to be an
abstract model, we have zoos of (abstract) models that may contain
terminal models and zoos of models that may contain metamodels.
Since a transformation is a terminal model, we have also even 
zoos of transformations
However I agree that having a significant open source and freely
library of UML models for experimental purposes may be
an important asset for the community. 

For Jean-Marie, the AM3 zoo (
is not restricted to KM3 or Ecore metamodels as you write.
In the future you may also see some examples of different native zoos
We are eagerly waiting to link the AM3 zoo with
the concrete resources contained in ZOOOMMM also.

Best regards,


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> Tom Mens wrote:
> > Ik think there are 2 issues we should not confuse here:
> >
> Yes, I really agree with tom. There are probably much more 
> issues that one should not confuse (not always obvious to 
> make them explicit however). For instance, collecting 
> industrial case studies, showing how good are 
> models
> for developement,  etc. are out of scope of zooomm, but they 
> are directly one of the objectives of robert&betty repository 
> as far as I understand. The very important is to make cross 
> references, clarify where too put each resource, duplicate or 
> reference when needed, etc. For instance, there are many 
> different kind of metamodels and formats. There is the 
> atlantic zoo in eclipse which is really fine for EMF-KM3 
> based metamodels with eclipse licence. Zooomm scope is 
> larger, but there is not point in having disconnected set of 
> ressources, so there will be cross references, and material 
> sharing. At least, this is the spirit of zooomm We all are on 
> the same planet :-) Best regards
>    Jean-marie
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