Re: Model repository

Re: Model repository

From: Tom Mens <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 11:06:59 +0200
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Ik think there are 2 issues we should not confuse here:

- a repository of models
- a repository of metamodels

While apparently there is already a lot of material available for the  
latter (the metamodel zoo that has been referred to),
this is not really the case for the former. I always have a hard time  
finding appropriate (UML)-models that are freely accessible, in the  
appropriate format, and of sufficiently large size for performing  
research experiments.

Tom Mens.

On 28 Jun 2006, at 10:41, Jean-Marie Favre wrote:

> Bonjour,
> We've been working on a metamodel zoo in the last 7 years and  
> collected hundereds of them over the years. We have a project  
> called zooomm and many people agreed on collaborating and various  
> team are currently working on that for different domains.
> We have not made public advertisment about that yet, but many  
> discussions with many different teams in different application area.
> What have been missing until now to put everything on the web, was  
> a good web-based collaborative infrastructure. Recently we've got  
> some funding to realize this infrastructure and a developer is  
> working full time on and  
> using as a content management system. Nothing is visible  
> yet, but this does not mean that nothing is occuring...
> Finally, as point out in various conferences we are also working on  
> a collaborative case study "conference management system" with  
> models, and so on. We collected information from various different  
> domains about teams working on this case stuy with their languages,  
> models, and so on. We have some other concrete plans. If you are  
> interested in all that do not hesitate to contact me.
> To give the feeling of spirit in which this body of work is done  
> have a look at the "credit" section of This is not a  
> one-person, one-team, one-technology, project, but on the contrary,  
> an international open free etc project. Just like conferences are  
> not one-person, one-tem, one-technology. We all are on the same  
> planet...
> Warning:  the web site do not contain information  
> and we never made advertsment for the project. This does not mean,  
> that nothing is occuring. This just means, that currently we are  
> working hard and silently and waiting for the web infrastructure  
> which will be availble soon.
> Have fun
>    Jean-marie
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