Re: Help...Verify UML Design

Re: Help...Verify UML Design

From: Rodolfo Campero <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 10:45:07 -0300
Message-ID: <>

2006/6/27, Greg O'Keefe <>:
> On Sun, 2006-06-25 at 00:40, Islam Essam wrote:
> > Does any body could help me in finding such a sw UML
> > design (includes Class Diagram, Sequence Diagram,
> > State Diagram,...) to test/verify my tool on it???
> I do not have a model for you Islam, sorry.
> But I thought I'd grab this opportunity to jump on the soap-box again
> and say:  We need a library of models!
> This would be point of comparison for different tools and approaches.
> Some of you might know about TPTP (thousands of problems for theorem
> provers) which is enormously useful to the automated theorem proving
> people. Linguists have huge databases ("corpus") of text.  The famous
> model transformation example (classes -> database schema) was really
> useful in this way.
> I have considered entering a sample of the toy models found in the UML
> formalisation literature into EMF/UML2, which might be a useful
> beginning.  It would be much better to obtain some real-life models from
> industry though.
> Anyone interested?

Me too I consider it would be very useful to have a set of model
samples, ranging from toy to industrial / real-life complexity.

I maintain a library for manipulating UML 2.0 models with
serialization to XMI 2.1, and the lack of samples is a drawback,
because several problems (mostly related to XMI) are detected by users
when they try to consume models exported with other tools. Having a
set of models available would help avoid this kind of problems.

I also agree with D H. Akehurst:
regarding that the models should be available in several formats (all
versions of XMI and other formats) whenever possible.

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