Release 1.1 of Dresden OCL2 Toolkit released

Release 1.1 of Dresden OCL2 Toolkit released

From: Steffen Zschaler <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 13:59:26 +0200
Message-ID: <>
Dear Users of UML and OCL,

The team of the Dresden OCL Toolkit project is happy to announce the 
release of version 1.1 of the Dresden OCL2 Toolkit supporting OCL 2.0. 
The new version is available from the project download area at 

This release contains a number of new tools:

   1. Support for SQL Code generation: This includes a tool for UML2SQL
      generation, which is completely based on model transformation
      technology and a generic OCL code generator for declarative target
      languages. This generic code generator has been specialised for
      SQL code generation.
   2. Model-transformation support: The transformation framework for MOF
      based models used for UML2SQL generation is generic and can be
      adapted for other model transformations, too. The framework
      provides basic concepts for multiple types of transformations such
      as model-to-model (currently UML2CWM) and model-to-code (currently
      CWM2SQL) transformations. We are working towards a general QVT
      engine based on our toolkit.
   3. CASE-tool integration: CASE tool integration has been prepared by
      providing a ModelFacade interface to allow integration of
      CASE-tool repositories with the toolkit's repository. A prototype
      of such an integration has been implemented for Fujaba4Eclipse
      (see ).
   4. Eclipse integration: The complete toolkit is available as an
      Eclipse plugin. This can be used, together with the CASE-tool
      integration features, too apply the toolkit with any Eclipse-based
   5. Repository visualisation: Repository contents for an OCL
      constraint can be explored graphically through an Eclipse-based
      visualisation tool. This is particularly helpful when developing
      and debugging new tools for or with the toolkit.

We are happy to announce this release and look forward to your comments 
and feedback. You can find further information at our website at and .

Best regards,

Steffen Zschaler

Dipl.-Inf. Steffen Zschaler
Research Assistant

Technische Universitšt Dresden
Department of Computer Science

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