RE: asking about OCL

RE: asking about OCL

From: Jrn Guy S <>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 18:19:58 +1000
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One small correction:


allInstances can be used without a prefix, because both the instance and the
class are implicit variables in the context.

If the prefix A is used, then it has to be A.allInstances(), rather than
A::allInstances. The double-colon is a namespace separator.


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Two small corrections:

1.	IIRC you cannot simply say allInstances(), but have to say
2.	It should probably be ->size() >= 1, because there was nothing in
Ajaree's mail about a maximum number of instances of A.

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Jrn Guy S wrote: 

package AjareesMetamodel
context A 
inv requiredInstanceOfA :
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Subject: asking about OCL
Dear All,
I am a student who is interesting in OCL expression.
I have a question about writing an OCL expression in a
metamodel level.
Assuming that in a metamodel, there is a model element
named "A" which is a mandatory element. 
This element must be constructed as a class in a model
How can we write an OCL expression to restrict this
thing ?
Thank you,
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