Re: Help...Current status of formalization of UML

Re: Help...Current status of formalization of UML

From: Pierre-Yves Schobbens ^lt;>
Date: Sun 30 Apr 2006 - 08:13:43 BST
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Dear Irum,

The response of Greg is very instructive, and actually I confirm what  
he says

Le 30-avr.-06 à 05:00, Greg O'Keefe a écrit :

> Actually, many people using very
> different approaches are all in this project, and its not clear to me
> how all this work is to be reconciled.

by disagreeing with his comment:

> I have
> recently begun to think that the most exciting work is that using  
> graph
> transformations.  Thus ordinary UML users
> would be able to understand the formal semantics, and this would  
> lead to
> general agreement, between people and tools, about what the diagrams
> mean.

1- Graph transformation is a rather complex subject studied since 30  
years (already by Knuth, Courcelle and other now retired people)
   and we are still far from understanding it.

2- A transformation, by definition, cannot be a semantics.
    Transformations are by definition executable, while semantics  
concepts for UML are not decidable.
    Thus this is impossible to define semantics with transformations  
alone: we need more powerful tools.

In summary: Transformations are very useful tools, but are not  
Actually, we need lot of different transformations, each for a  
different purpose: transformations to make the model more analyzable,
to make it executable, to expand abbreviations, etc. These  
transformations must be justified on basis of the semantics.

Best regards,
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