The OCL Portal

The OCL Portal

From: Birgit Demuth ^lt;>
Date: Thu 20 Apr 2006 - 13:45:57 BST
Message-ID: <>
The OCL community decided at the 2005 Workshop on OCL at the MoDELS
conference to set up an OCL portal website
collecting all information about OCL (tools, publications, experience
reports, teaching modules, etc).
Now we are happy that we can publish the announced OCL Portal:

The OCL Portal already contains a few entries.
We hope that many members of the OCL community will contribute to it in
future. Therefore you are invited to put your OCL activities/knowledge 
at the portal!

The OCL Portal provides editing capabilities both to members of the
academic/research OCL community and
OCL users/developers of CASE tools in industrial environments.
Please register and then you will (after the confirmation procedure) be
able to add your own teaching material,
projects, toolkits, case studies etc.
Furthermore, we are always happy on feedback about this site and
will make every effort to improve the site in accordance with your needs
and suggestions.

Birgit Demuth

Dr. Birgit Demuth

Technische Universitšt Dresden
Department of Computer Science

Received on Thu Apr 20 13:46:07 2006