Call for Application: Advanced School on Visual Modelling Techniques

Call for Application: Advanced School on Visual Modelling Techniques

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Date: Fri 07 Apr 2006 - 18:16:30 BST
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The SegraVis Research Training Network invites doctoral students and
post-doctoral researchers from both within and outside the network to
join the

	Advanced School on Visual Modelling Techniques
         Friday Afternoon 08/09/2006 - Monday 11/09/2006
           at University of Leicester, United Kingdom



Model-driven approaches to software development require precise
definitions for modelling languages, their syntax and semantics, their
notions of consistency and refinement, as well as their mappings into

Modelling languages and processes, however, are subject to continuous
evolution, and different constellations and dialects are required in
different application domains, organisations, and even individual
projects. So in order to support model driven development in a variety
of contexts, we must find efficient ways of designing languages and
processes, accepting that definitions are subject to change and
extension and that tools need to be delivered in a timely fashion.

Thus, rather than ad-hoc solutions, a discipline of language engineering
is required to support the definition and implementation visual
modelling languages with respect to their

* abstract syntax and well-formedness rules
* operational and denotational semantics
* consistency and refinement relations
* model transformations

With this motivation, the objectives of this school are to provide
tutorial-like introductions to fundamental techniques supporting the
above tasks, to present examples of applications to specific languages
and problem domains, and to offer the opportunity for practical
experience in applying techniques and tools in sample projects.


The School marks the conclusion of the SegraVis network on Syntactic and
Semantic Integration of Visual Modelling Techniques. Results of four 
years of
work by its members and close correspondents will be presented through:
* introductory lectures
* tutorials on fundamental aspects
* advanced lectures
* application-oriented talks

School Speakers and Topics

* Hartmut Ehrig: Algebraic Approach
* Gregor Engels: Graph Transformation for Service Specification
* José Fiadeiro: A Coordination Language for SOA
* Jan Hendrik Hausmann: Semantics of Visual Modelling Techniques
* Reiko Heckel: Graph Transformation in a Nutshell
* Stuart Kent (Microsoft): Domain Specific Development: Present & Future
* Hans-Jörg Kreowski: Advanced Transformation Concepts
* Tom Mens: Model-based Software Evolution
* Mark Minas: Syntax of Visual Modelling Techniques
* Ugo Montanari: Synchronized Hyperedge Replacement: Synchronization 
Styles for Global Computing
* Arend Rensink: Analysis of Graph Transformation-based Models
* Grzegorz Rozenberg: DNA Computing
* Andy Schürr: Model Transformations
* Gabriele Taentzer: Graph Transformation-based Tools


The School will be held at Beaumont Hall, the Conference Centre of
University of Leicester, United Kingdom.
The Conference Suite provides:
* Lecture halls, seminar rooms, computer facilities with Internet access 
for every participant
* Optimal working atmosphere and en-suite accommodation
* Scenic countryside making for a most enjoyable stay

More information is available at


Candidates should fill out the application form provided at
and send it via email to Georgios Lajios (
before May 31, 2006.

Notifications of acceptance will be sent out during June.

The participation fee, including full board and accomodation for 3 nights,
will be 225 British Pounds (about 337 Euro), approximately.
Information on how to register, travel information, etc.
shall be given with the notification of acceptance.

More information on the objectives, lecture program, applications, etc.
can be found at

The Organizers
Reiko Heckel and Karsten Ehrig and Georgios Lajios
Received on Fri Apr 07 18:16:31 2006