Re: OCL foundation

Re: OCL foundation

From: Prof. Dr. Peter H. Schmitt ^lt;>
Date: Wed 15 Mar 2006 - 13:13:26 GMT
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On page 18 of the document referred to below  in the section describing
the structure of the document there still is the sentence:

  Appendix A (“Semantics”) describes the underlying semantics of OCL
  using a mathematical formalism. This appendix however is not normative,
  but ment for the readers that need a mathematical description for the
  semantics of OCL.

The whole document looks rather preliminary, so appendix A might
only be missing temporarily. On the other hand, it is obvious that
appendix A has to be adapted to the changes made, e.g. renaming and 
addition of types. Is somebody working on this?
Also as has been observed by different people the conformance of the
normative part and Appendix A has to be addressed somehow.

Is anybody out there who has taken Chapter 10 Semantics Described using 
UML serious for more than half a day?

It is really frustrating that nobody responsible for the OCL standard
is listing in to these discussions. I do not even know who this is.



Steffen Zschaler wrote:
> Hi,
> As far as I know, the formal (in your sense) foundation used to be in 
> Mark Richter's PhD thesis. This used to be the semantics chapter of a 
> pre-final version of the submission, but was then moved to the 
> non-normative appendix in favour of the MMF-based approach that is now 
> in the standard. During revisions it seems to have disappeared magically...
> Best,
> Steffen

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