Re: Octopus

Re: Octopus

From: Andrea Baruzzo ^lt;>
Date: Wed 01 Feb 2006 - 20:30:36 GMT
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Dear Jos,
thanks very much for your reply. Yes, it clarifies very well the
point! Now that I better know what Octopus does, I can be able to
focus my work on different directions than the ones already provided
by Octopus.

The automatic generation of test cases from (precise) UML diagrams is
one of such directions, but I am also interested to integrate some
sort of other static checks. Anyway, I am just evaluating this
possibility, so I cannot say nothing more specific. I hope you let me
know the availability of a new release of Octopus - compliant with
Eclipse 3.1 - as soon as possible :-)

In any case, thanks in advice for any information and for this
interesting thread!



On 1/31/06, Jos Warmer <> wrote:
> Andrea,
> Octopus can generate code for checking all invariants and preconditions.
> Octopus also generate code for OCL used in init expressions, derivation
> rules and body-expressions for operations.
> Preconditions are turned into assert statements, and can be turned on or off
> using standard Java features.
> For each invariant an operation is generated that checks the invariant. The
> tiome and place where you want to
> call this invariant operation is up to yourself. Since we cannot check
> invariants "always". we have chosen that
> the checking strategy has to be chosen y the developer.
> To allow testing your invariants the user interface generated by Octopus
> (Eclipse RCP) has buttons to perform
> checking invariants for either a single object or for all objects in the
> system. These buttons simply call the
> invariant operations.
> Init expressions, derivation rules for derived attributes and body
> expressions for query operations are all generated
> and always used inside the Java code.
> Octopus does not generate test cases, although this might be an interesting
> extension.
> Hope this helps to clarify things,
> Jos

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