Re: Octopus

Re: Octopus

From: Andrea Baruzzo ^lt;>
Date: Mon 30 Jan 2006 - 10:25:16 GMT
Message-ID: <>
Dear Jos,
thank you for your reply. In fact at present I am able only to load
the model in xmi and the ocl specifications, performing a static
checking of their syntactical correctness. I am not able to generate
any code.

Aside from these issues, I am interested to better understand which
type of checks Octopus is able to perform. For example, the Octopus
web site states:

1. Octopus is able to statically check OCL expressions. It checks the
syntax, as well as the expression types, and the correct use of model
elements like association roles and attributes.
2. Octopus is able to transform the UML model, including the OCL
expressions, into Java code.

Does Octopus verify the invariants, preconditions and postconditions
in the model for every possible scenario? If so, this check is static
(without requiring to generate any test case and test scenario), or it
is dynamic, based upon a specific test execution?

Thanks in advice for any further infromation about these concerns.



On 1/30/06, Jos Warmer <> wrote:
> Andrea,
> The current distribution is for Eclipse 3.0.  Internally we have a new
> version of Octopus running with
> Eclipse 3.1, and it will be distributed soon. We are in progress of
> getting Octopus on sourceforge for this.
> Regards, Jos Warmer

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