First Dresden OCL2 Toolkit release

First Dresden OCL2 Toolkit release

From: Kai-Uwe Gärtner ^lt;>
Date: Fri 06 Jan 2006 - 11:20:13 GMT
Message-ID: <>

We are proud to present the first release of the Dresden OCL2 Toolkit. This release is a version of the Dresden OCL toolkit supporting OCL2.0. The
release has been rewritten from scratch based on metadata repository technology and shows the current state of the project. As this is in-progress work,
some bugs may still exist. As always, we are looking forward to your reports.

This release includes the following components:

Core component:
- Including the Parser and the Storage System (based on NetBeans MDR)
- Supports OCL 2.0
- Attribute evaluation support for concrete syntax parsing
- XMI Import and Export for model information

SQL Code-Generator
- Generates SQL code from your OCL Constraint

Java Code Generator
- preliminary version for use with WFRs
- this code generator is still under development, a new and fully functional version will be ready soon

Some graphical interfaces have been included to show you the funtionality of the toolkit.

The release is available for download from sourceforge at

Best wishes,

Kai-Uwe Gärtner
Received on Fri Jan 06 11:20:57 2006