OCL 2.0

OCL 2.0

From: Prof. Dr. Peter H. Schmitt ^lt;pschmitt@ira.uka.de>
Date: Fri 21 Oct 2005 - 12:57:31 BST
Message-ID: <4358D7AB.2010002@ira.uka.de>
I just came accross a new version of the OCL 2.0 standard document at
the OMG web site. It dates from June 2005 and has document number 
ptc/05-06-06. I do not know how long it has been sitting there before
I run accross it.  I remember checking this same web site some ten days 
ago and not seeing it.

I only had a quick glance through it. Quite a few items have been 
changed, but there are still some "TBD" markers in the text, especially 
in section 11.2.
New types have been added. There is now an InvalidType besides the 
VoidType. And there is a new class called TypeTye. Has anybody any idea 
what this is about? OclType has been deleted some time ago after a lot 
of discussion. Is it now back again?

I checked only one item in detail:
Section 8.1 Constraint [2] for "Classifier"
treats "OCLAny" (this is the unique instance of class "AnyType") as an
instance of "PrimitiveType".  This contradicts the position of AnyType 
in the diagram in Figure 5.

I hope this is not symptomatic for the whole  document.

Also the appendix A on semantics is missing. Of course this had to be 
changed considerably to accomodate the new type structure to say the 
least. Does anybody work on this? Or is the only way to find out the 
semantics of OCL to read Chapter 10?



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Received on Fri Oct 21 12:57:47 2005