Re: message ends in the UML 2 metamodel

Re: message ends in the UML 2 metamodel

From: Vladimir Mencl ^lt;>
Date: Sun 09 Oct 2005 - 12:49:18 BST
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On 10/06/2005 01:28 AM, Aline Lúcia Baroni wrote:

> How can I distinguish if a MessageOccurrenceSpecification is related to 
> the reception or to the sending of the Message? Is the MM wrong?

Hello Aline,

Looking at the metamodel, I see a way to distinguish betweeen sent and 
received message (occurences):
    - there are two distinct association between Message and MessageEnd -
      sendEvent and receiveEvent.

    - once you obtain the reference to Message "m" from a
      MessageOccurrenceSpecification "mo" via the message association,
      you may ask whether "mo" is in the sendEvent or receiveEvent
      association of "m".


> Maybe is there another easiest way of getting all the messages related 
> to a Lifeline and maybe also for getting just the messages that were 
> sent or received by this lifeline.
> Thanks for any help or comments!
> Aline L. Baroni

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