CfP: Models for Non-functional Aspects of Component-Based Software (NfC'05)

CfP: Models for Non-functional Aspects of Component-Based Software (NfC'05)

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Date: Thu 09 Jun 2005 - 15:23:55 BST
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2nd International Workshop on
Models for Non-functional Aspects of Component-Based Software

held in conjunction with

ACM/IEEE 8th International Conference on
Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems
(formerly the UML series of conferences)

October 04, 2005
Montego Bay, Jamaica


Up-to-date information on the workshop can be found at


Developing reliable software is a complex, daunting, and error-prone task.
Therefore, many researchers are interested in improving the support for
developers creating such software. Component-based software engineering has
emerged as an important paradigm for handling complexity. In parallel, raising
the level of abstraction when reasoning about systems, thus using models, is
another technique for lowering the complexity. The goal of this workshop is to
look at issues related to the integration of non-functional property expression,
evaluation, and prediction in the context of component- based software
engineering and finding the best techniques to deal-with non-functional aspects
in a model based approach, such as, but not limited to, UML-based approaches.
This includes semantic issues, questions of modelling language definition, but
also support for automation, such as analysis algorithms, MDA-based approaches,
or tool-support for refinement steps. As models are only really meaningful if
used in the context of a software development process, we also welcome work in
this area.

We expect the workshop to foster cooperation between the various research
groups in the field. One important expected outcome is a joint workshop report
as well as ongoing discussions, e.g., on a workshop mailing list. The aim of
this workshop is to bring together practitioners and academics that are
currently working around these topics to highlight the ongoing solutions and
the problems encountered. The workshop is organized on two half-day sessions:
The morning session is dedicated to invited talks and presentations; followed
in the afternoon by working sessions. The number and subject of these sessions
will be decided by the organizers depending on the position papers.

We elicit position papers from the following (non-exclusive) list of topics:

- Integrating non-functional aspects into an MDD approach
- Finding the right balance between delaying the treatment of non-functional
  aspects while modelling and taking them into account as quickly as possible
- Concepts for a model-driven software development process taking into
  account components and non-functional aspects
- Modelling languages (both textual and graphical) suitable for expressing
  non-functional properties, in particular for component-based development
- Semantic issues for non-functional specification of component-based
  software, especially issues of compositionality
- Stepwise model refinements in later phases of the development process
  (e.g. during testing or deployment)
- Development of QoS-aware components and component systems
- Security issues for component-based software
- Modelling and analysis (CASE) tool support for component-based software
  and its non-functional properties
- Experience reports on the incorporation of non-functional requirements
  into component-based and model-based development

Papers which do not fit any of the topics above, but are relevant to the goals
of the workshop are also welcome.


Some of the organizers of this proposed workshop have already organized
various workshops on related issues at conferences like UML, ECOOP, OOPSLA, or
OOIS. The aim of the organizing team is to merge the initiatives in the
modeling area with those in the performance evaluation area. For example a
workshop close to the proposed topics has been held in the UML'2002 conference
in Dresden and another one was a special issue of the International Symposium
On Computer and Information Sciences, but the attendees were from different
areas although the problems were related.

In particular, this workshop is a direct continuation of NfC'04 held at the UML
conference last year, which in its turn was a continuation of the workshop on
Quality of Service in Component-Based Software Engineering, held at the
AdaEurope conference in Toulouse in June 2003.
Last year's edition was dedicated in general analysing the needs for taking into
account non-functional aspects. This year, we would like to focus our workshop
on work and discussion on finding the best means to apply MDD in a context where
non-functional information are crucial.


Submissions should be between 4 and 8 pages and should be submitted
electronically in postscript or pdf, by email to sz9 (at)
Each submission will be reviewed by at least two other researchers. Papers will
be selected based on whether they present relevant and interesting ideas and
concepts that can contribute to the discussions that will take place in the
workshop. The workshop proceedings will be made available before the start of
the workshop on the workshop website and may appear as a technical report at one
of the organizers' universities. To ensure a communicative atmosphere the number
of participants is limited to 30.


Morning - Paper presentations
Afternoon - Working sessions and later presentation of the session results


Paper submission deadline:              August 07, 2005
Notification of acceptance:             September 06, 2005
Camera ready copies of accepted papers: September 19, 2005
Workshop:                      Tuesday, October 4, 2005


Jan ōyvind Aagedal, SINTEF ICT, Norway
Geri Georg, Colorado State University, USA
Raffaela Mirandola, University of Roma "TorVergata", Italy
Ileana Ober, IRIT, France
Dorina Petriu, Carleton Univerisity, Canada
Wolfgang Theilmann, SAP Research Belfast, Ireland
Jon Whittle, George Mason University, USA
Steffen Zschaler, Technische Universitšt Dresden, Germany

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