XMF-Mosaic 1.0 Available

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From: Andy Evans (andy.evans@xactium.com)
Date: Thu 17 Mar 2005 - 13:12:06 GMT

Dear pUML'ers.

Xactium would like to announce the availability of free evaluation copies of XMF-Mosaic 1.0 (Pre-Release). To request a copy, simply go to www.xactium.com and fill in the online form.

A white paper is also available, which describes powerful language modelling capabilities that will shipping with future releases of XMF-Mosaic. Download it from:


XMF-Mosaic provides a powerful model-driven development environment for modelling, executing and deploying languages and tools that specifically target your problem domain.


   * Enables the creation of high fidelity models of business domain concepts using an integrated collection of model driven development standards based on MDA, MOF, OCL, QVT and executable modelling.

   * Facilitates rich simulation, validation and transformation capabilities.

   * Enables the rapid creation of languages and tools that precisely target specific business domains and development processes. These can be extensions to existing tools or can be built from the ground up using powerful tool modelling capabilities.

   * Provides an intuitive and user-friendly development experience.

   * Supports a wide variety of facilities for interoperating with existing tools, including XMI import, socket based communication facilities and Java support.


Contact Xactium at sales@xactium.com for a price list. Significant discounts are available for academic users.

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