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From: Steffen Zschaler (
Date: Wed 16 Mar 2005 - 09:20:21 GMT

Dear all,

After everybody else has made their OCL announcments, we from Technische 
Universitšt Dresden don't want to stand back :-)

Therefore, I'm happy to announce that a version of the Dresden OCL 
toolkit exists, which supports OCL2.0. There is currently no actual 
release of the toolkit, but you can get access to the code from our CVS 
repository at Sourceforge. See for details. Please check out 
the ocl20 module. We encourage you, in particular those of you who have 
previously integrated our toolkit with their toolchain, to begin testing 
the new version. As for older versions, there exists a small stand-alone 
application that lets you test the key features of the toolkit.

The OCL2.0 support in the toolkit represents a complete rework of the 
toolkit. Older versions of the toolkit are still available, however, as 
usual. The toolkit is based on an MDR repository of both the UML/MOF 
models and the OCL constraints and supports OCL constraints for UML 
*and* MOF models. The concrete syntax parser and 
concrete-to-abstract-syntax transformer have been systematically derived 
from the OCL2.0 specification, as opposed to having been built from an 
intuitive understanding of what the specification might mean.

Best wishes,

Steffen Zschaler

Dipl.-Inf. Steffen Zschaler
Research Assistant

Technische Universitšt Dresden
Department of Computer Science

Phone +49 351 463 38555
Fax   +49 351 463 38459

See the Special Track on Component Models for Dependable Systems at this
year's EUROMICRO conference:

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