New release of EmPowerTecs OCL-AddIn for Rational Rose

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From: Andreas Awenius (
Date: Mon 14 Mar 2005 - 19:21:53 GMT

Hello all,

EmPowerTec also just released a new version of our OCL-AddIn for
Rational Rose. More information is available on

and the changes are described on

The introductory price of 99.00 EUR per license is still valid until 
the end of this month.

Of course we appreciate your questions and feedback and I hope you 
don't mind the commercial nature of this message.

Kind regards,
Andreas Awenius

> Dear all,

> Fortunately, it seems that the 2005 spring is very beneficial for
> supporting OCL
> in different modeling tools :) .

> After the Octopus 2.0 release announced by Anneke, and after the
> prerelease of
> XMF-Mosaic, two very interesting tools, we would like to inform you that a
> new
> OCLE version, 2.03 can be downloaded from our web site,

> Please enjoy testing and using all these tools.

> Best regards,
> Dan Chiorean

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