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Date: Wed 01 Sep 2004 - 11:44:08 BST


Thanks for your response.

I suppose EDI would be most fitting, however, there is an XML interface
for the transport method, let me explain:

If a file is sent to the server application then it is sent as an XML
file, with an appropriate transaction request type for the server to
interpret.  I have no problem with specifying the XML part of the file.
The CDATA part, however, corresponds to data from the client application,
which is an external enterprise database system.  The CDATA is in the
format of two header records, n number of records with extracted data, and
then a trailer record.  All records are no greater than 80 characters in

In issuing the specification for the CDATA part of the interface between
the external application and the server application, I have found that the
software engineers are struggling and therefore take longer to develop a
faily simple piece of code.  Hence, it occurred to me that maybe a more
generic specification method can be used to provide a clear and concise

Can you help?

Maybe, you can help me with the XML part...because it would be good to
model the transport mechanism in UML.  The mechanism is really a set of
HTTP posts in the format of XML files representing requests to the server
application - I'm relatively new to XML - I understand the concept and I
can interpret XML, however, I have not done a great deal of development
with it.

Thanks for all your help with this.

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