CFP: UML 2004 Worhshop on Use Cases

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From: Pierre Metz (
Date: Wed 02 Jun 2004 - 15:30:29 BST

******************** C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S *****************

             Open Issues in Industrial Use Case Modeling
                          Workshop WS-6
   7th International Conference on the Unified Modeling Language
                            (UML ‘04)
                October 10-15, 2004, Lisbon, Portugal

Use Cases have received great attention as a specification tool for
observable behavior of systems. However, there is still
controversy, inconsistency, and loose interpretation of use case
models. This workshop will bring together use case experts for
identifying and characterizing open issues and promising avenues of
inquiry regarding use cases representation, semantics and modeling.

Call for Papers

Researchers, lecturers and practitioners are invited to participate in the
workshop. Some proposed topics include, but are not limited to:

- Alignment of textual use case specification items and graphical
representation: use case relationships, use case standard templates, use
case contracts, etc.
- Dychotomic views of use cases: functional vs. structural.
- Relationships among use cases: actors collaboration vs. actor
participation, use cases decomposition, missing or novel

The number of participants will be restricted to 15 to ensure a rich
discussion follows the paper presentations. Participants will be
selected upon acceptance of a position paper, according to anonymous
reviews and overall fit with the workshop theme. Additional papers may be
explicitly invited if deemed useful.

The workshop site ( has a fuller
topic list and some related resources. LNCS will publish a proceeding
volume with the UML 2004 workshop reports, written by the workshops
A specific publication of workshop proceedings is expected.

Submission and Dates

Submission deadline: July 26th
Notification of acceptance: September 3rd
Final version: September 18th
Workshop date: Sunday, October 10th

Position papers (4.000 words at most) submitted in electronic form (PDF
encouraged), following the same style rules and format
established for the UML’04 Conference papers.

Contact for submission: Gonzalo Génova (ggenova [at]
Please send e- mail with subject "UML04 WS6 submission".

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