UML 2004 Workshops

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From: Joćo Araśjo (
Date: Mon 17 May 2004 - 12:36:17 BST

UML 2004 Workshops

7th International Conference on the
Unified Modeling Language
<<UML>> 2004
October 11-15, 2004

UML 2004 is organizing 12 workshops:

WS1  Consistency Problems in UML-based Software Development III -
understanding and usage of dependency relationships
WS2  Aspect Oriented Modeling
WS3  Software Architecture Description & UML
WS4  Specification and Validation of UML models for Real Time and Embedded
Systems, SVERTS
WS5  3rd UML Workshop in Software Model Engineering (WiSME 2004)
WS6  Open Issues in Industrial Use Case Modeling
WS7  Models for Non-functional Aspects of Component-Based Software
WS8  OCL and Model Driven Engineering
WS9  Critical Systems Development with UML
WS10 QUEVER - UML Workshop on QUantitative-based Evaluation, Visualization
and Refactoring
WS11 SIVOES 2004: behavior in model driven approaches
WS12 Doctoral Symposium

Topics and submission details of each workshop can be found in their
respective websites (see the conference website

Further questions regarding particular workshop(s) issues should be directed
to the respective Workshop Organizers (use the url linked to the workshop(s)
of your interest).

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