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From: GERARD Sebastien 166342 (
Date: Thu 22 Apr 2004 - 17:05:13 BST

Lets' have a look on



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De : Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti [] 
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Objet : Software-Architecture of a Modelling Environment

    I am on my way to building a visual modelling environment for my 
research project. Something in the lines of Rose, USE, Rhapsody etc. I 
am using C++, Qt for graphics, XML for model persistence.
    However, I donot have any experience building such a tool 
conveniently. I am particularly interested in building the software in a 
way so that the modelling environment core is kept logically separate 
from the UI part. This is in the anticipation that some way down the 
line, I may decide to abandon the GUI, and prefer a text-based 
interface, or vice-versa.

    I am sure, it must be a well-solved problem since there are so many 
excellent modelling tools available. However, I haven't yet come across 
a tutorial-like text on the software-design of modelling environments or 
related applications. Before plunging into using my own discretion, I 
want to explore for any existing resource.

    I don't mind browsing through the source-code of existing softwares, 
but that would be the last resort. It would be ideal if I get a 
design-document; or better still, a textbook like thing.


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