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From: Laurence Tratt (
Date: Mon 15 Mar 2004 - 13:13:11 GMT

On Mon, Mar 15, 2004 at 12:23:28PM +0100, Gianna Reggio wrote:

Dear Gianna,

> Does somone knows the Umbrello software for supporting the use of UML ?
> is it quite stable ?
> I would like to  know if someone has experience using it

I have some very limited experience of using Umbrello. The latest version
doesn't crash as easily as some of the older versions, but I haven't been
interested enough to stress test it to a sufficient point.

There are two potentially significant issues with Umbrello to bear in mind.

Firstly, what do you want from a tool? Umbrello is a Rose-like tool with a
fixed meta-model, and diagramming facilities roughly on a par with Rose
(which I personally find pretty awful). So if you want to mock up a few
class diagrams to keep your manager happy, Umbrello will probably do. If you
want to do anything interesting I'm personally not convinced that Umbrello
is yet at that stage. From my point of view, I can't do any of the
interesting meta-modelling things I want to in it, and since the diagramming
aspects result in a similar aesthetic catastrophe to an out-of-town shopping
complex, the diagrams aren't of the quality I want either. In both aspects,
it is worth pointing out that Umbrello is not noticeably worse than the
majority of other free UML-ish tools.

Secondly, getting it to run might be a pain. It's not a problem if, like me,
you're a UNIX weenie who runs KDE voluntarily. If you run Mac OS, you can
probably use Fink with not too much pain to get it to run; if you're under
Windows, you're going to have to use Cygwin, and that can be glorious fun if
you're not used to it.



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