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From: Jrn Guy S (
Date: Wed 11 Feb 2004 - 17:28:38 GMT

I agree, but your approach tacitly assumes that tools will be able to read XMI-Files and (moreover) extract the statements from them. IMO this is rather the exception than the rule.

Regards, JGS

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Jrn Guy S wrote:
> Of course you are right in that a conformance test suite would greatly improve quality 
 > and comparability among parsers/interpreters for OCL. The impediment here is 
that currently
 > no standardized interface to OCL parsers/interpreters is available, so no 
automatic compliance
 > testing can be performed. I have initiated an effort to develop such 
interface following UML2003,
 > but as of now there is almost no progress. IMHO, as long as there is no such 
 > comparability OCL parsers will not be achievable and thus implementation of 
such parsers
 > remains a scientific niche activity that does not yield reusable components. 
If you would like
 > to invest your time in a standardization effort, the results would probably 
make a great difference.

Hi Jrn,

as a starting point, why have not an XMI file describing a simple class and 
object diagram and an XML file with a set of test expressions:

<oclTest model="Test.xmi">
  <group name="Collection">
   <group name="Sets">

Support for this kind of tests is probably simple to implement on top of 
existing OCL tools. This would allow some shared basic tests without a 
standardized interface to the OCL parsers/interpreters,and I think it would be 
at least more useful than "nothing"?

Best regards,
Stefan Haustein

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