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From: Jrn Guy S (
Date: Wed 11 Feb 2004 - 08:57:05 GMT

Of course you are right in that a conformance test suite would greatly improve quality and comparability among parsers/interpreters for OCL. The impediment here is that currently no standardized interface to OCL parsers/interpreters is available, so no automatic compliance testing can be performed. I have initiated an effort to develop such interface following UML2003, but as of now there is almost no progress. IMHO, as long as there is no such interface, comparability OCL parsers will not be achievable and thus implementation of such parsers remains a scientific niche activity that does not yield reusable components. If you would like to invest your time in a standardization effort, the results would probably make a great difference.

As for your main question: The suites of Cluj Universities' OCLE system, the Dresden OCL parser, and our forthcoming MOCL M2-interpreter all include unit test suites which you might use to validate your own parser/interpreter implementations. All of them work around a number of unresolved issues that exist at least in the earlier versions of OCL.

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does anybody know if there is an OCL conformance test? Something like a 
simple class and object diagram and a set of queries and their expected 
results? If not, wouldn't it make sense to build one? This would 
probably help to find implementation bugs and encourage the addition of 
missing functionality.

Best regards
Stefan Haustein

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