Misconception about OCL transitive closure Re: transitive closure concept

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Date: Wed 21 Jan 2004 - 20:39:56 GMT

Dear All,

Concerning the existence of the "OCL closure operation", please download the 
OCLE tool and the examples we posted on our web site, 

You will have the opportunity to notice that this operation was implemented in 
OCLE and the implementation works wel.  Please find attached to this email an 
archive containing an html document presenting an example of using the 
transitive closure.

I announced on the pUML list the new OCLE 2.0 and 2.01 versions.  I considered 
that this will be enough to stimulate peoples in downloading and testing the 

Moreover, OCLE is the first OCL tool enabling users to check the wellformedness 
of UML models and more.

We are waiting for your opinions after using OCLE!


Quoting Stefan Haustein <haustein@kimo.cs.uni-dortmund.de>:

> Gerrit Renker wrote:
> > this has been an open issue since the 1998 Amsterdam manifesto on OCL,
> > so the fact that you can not do it in OCL has already celebrated its
> > 5th birthday :( Can recommend Z, closures being a built-in.
> Hi Gerrit,
> "You cannot do tranistive closure in OCL" seems inconsistent with 
> Mandel/Cengarle/1999:
> http://projekte.fast.de/Projekte/forsoft/ocl/4_2More_than_Complete.html
> (?)
> Best regards
> Stefan Haustein
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