OCL concrete to abstract syntax question

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From: SainTiss (saintiss@arklinux.org)
Date: Wed 14 Jan 2004 - 17:29:34 GMT

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I'm not sure if this is the right mailing list for questions about the OCL 2.0 
submission, but if not, please be so kind to point me to the right one...

I'm currently examining the OCL metamodel, and I'm wondering about how the OCL 
concrete syntax maps to the abstract syntax of the metamodel.
For example, how is the set->collect (expr) "stored" in the metamodel? Looking 
at the diagram of the expressions package in the submission doc, I noticed 
that there's no such thing as a "collect expression", but only "IterateExp", 
so I guess collect needs to be "translated" in terms of iterate... That might 
look like this:
set->iterate(e; acc : Bag=Bag{} | acc->including(expr))
(Am I right in thinking there is no need to specify the type of elements in a 
Bag in the Bag's declaration?)
In abstract syntax, there'd be an IterateExp, with "source: set", "body: 
acc->including(expr)" and "result: acc: Bag = Bag{}".

But then I'm stuck. "source" is no problem, but "body" is an OclExpression 
itself, and "result" is a VariableDeclaration. So I guess "including" needs 
to be translated in terms of iterate as well. But I don't have a clue what 
that would look like... It seems to me an atomic operation which "adds" an 
element to a collection is needed here, but I can't find it...

Second problem, "result" is a VariableDeclaration. so "acc" is the varName, 
"Bag" is the type, and "Bag{}" is the initExpression. How is "Bag{}" an 
expression? Is that a CollectionLiteral then?

Many thanks in advance,

Hans Schippers

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