OCLE 2.0 Please excuse me for this second mail :(

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Date: Sun 07 Dec 2003 - 22:11:44 GMT

Dear pUML Group Members,
The OCLE v.2.0 has been released yesterday, the 6th of December 2003.

OCLE is the acronym of OCL Environment, formerly (previously) entitled OCL 
Initially conceived as a OCL tool, OCLE "grew up" little by little being today 
a UML tool offering full OCL support both at the metamodel and model level.  
The tool’s repository is fully compliant with UML 1.5, the OCL support 
complying with OCL 2.0 requirements.  

The UML models can be created using OCLE or imported from other tools by means 
of XMI 1.0 and 1.1 standards.  Using OCLE, we managed to transfer medium and 
big size models from and to other UML tools.
OCLE provides a friendly user interface, so using it is natural and intuitive. 
The support offered by OCLE is not limited to the syntactical and semantical 
analysis of OCL expressions.  At the metamodel level all the specifications can 
be statically evaluated.  At the model level, both statical and dynamical 
evaluations are supported.  The dynamical evaluation is supported by means of 
code generated in Java. 
Semantical checking of XML documents represents only one of the straightforward 
applications of checking UML models.  In order to support this, OCLE supports 
RE DTDs. Of course, the checking of XML documents described by using XML schema 
can be realized more efficiently.  In order to do this, we plan to implement a 
RE XML Schema support, too.
Unfortunately, in the world of CASE tools, many promises were not 
accomplished.  In many aspects, the services offered by OCLE are probably among 
the best or even the best at this moment.  Considering the above statements, we 
decided that the best advertising is the tool itself.

Using OCLE we can find the answers or can verify the solutions proposed for at 
least a part of the questions debated on the pUML list.
Consequently, we kindly recommend downloading and testing OCLE 2.0 from 
We shall be grateful for sending us your critics, suggestions and opinions 
about OCLE.
Yours Sincerely,

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