OCL Parser API Project

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From: Jrn Guy S (jgsuess@cs.tu-berlin.de)
Date: Mon 03 Nov 2003 - 14:42:42 GMT

Dear Colleagues,
At UML 2003 in San Francisco, at least 10 different implementations of OCL each sporting a parser, type checkers and execution/evaluation engines could be seen in the various talks, workshops and demonstrations. Add to that the number of theoretical approaches pending verification by implementation and (industrial) implementers not present at the workshop, OCL already has industrial proportions. My colleagues Jari Peltonen (jpe@cs.tut.fi) and Petri Selonen (pselonen@cs.tut.fi) have thus proposed that we should further reuse and avoid needless future re-implementations by defining an API to OCL parsers, type checkers and (possibly) evaluators. We envision that the technical expertise and coordination should lie with them and coordination of the effort is done here in Berlin. Any support will be welcome. At the conference, four scientific implementers have pledged to support the effort by giving access to source code and providing know-how and answers to questions. - A basis thus is available.
Before we start this, I would like to see some questions discussed, which I will follow up by what I see to be the current status of our discussion
A) Do you believe that the creation of an OCL API would be useful? - We obviously believe it is. ;)
B) Would you support such an effort? How? - We would welcome manpower, resources and possibly hosts that would invite to physical meeting.
C) What software platform do you believe the API should be defined for? - Currently, because Jari and Petri mainly work with MS-Components, we hope to define the API in a platform-neutral style much like DOM. This should allow mappings into several languages?
D) What process should we choose to conduct this effort? - This point left was undefined as we parted at UML 2003 to be investigated by me. In the meantime I have familiarized myself with the JCP http://www.jcp.org and believe that it could be useful if resonance is greater and includes active Java Developers. If there is little support, I would try an ad-hoc process supported through a BSCW based here in Berlin.
Thank you in advance for your contributions.
King Regards,

Jrn Guy S

Dipl.-Inform. Jrn Guy S            | CIS - Sekr. EN7
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