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From: Jrn Guy S (
Date: Mon 03 Nov 2003 - 14:41:51 GMT

Dear Herman,

The task of the current FTF is only to correct minor flaws in the specification as is. Basic revision and changes will be undertaken in a further round expected in the middle of next year. Nobody has yet volunteered to collect items for that stage of revision, but he or she would probably be greatly welcomed. In my opinion this would help to infuse the OMG process with some of the basic research done in this field. I already have issues to this end and will add yours to be handed to however picks up at that point. How do you feel about coordinating this effort?

To keep up: We use the Precise UML Mailing list for discussion, you can see the previous activity at

Kind regards,

Jrn Guy S

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From:	Herman Balsters []
Sent:	Monday, November 03, 2003 3:18 PM
Subject:	OCL 2.0 finalizatioon

Dear Jorg,

I heard from Sten Loecher that you are the contact person for 
proposals for finalizing OCL 2.0 

I did not attend the OCL workshop, but I did give a presentation at the 
UML conference.

I have a proposal for ammending OCL 2.0.

In my paper  "Modeling Database Views with Derived Classes in the 
UML/OCL-framework" of this years UML conference (see proc. pp. 
295-309) I investigated the issue of expressibility of OCL 2.0 w.r.t. to 
the query langauge SQL.  I have demonstrated in that paper that OCL 
2.0 is not as expressive as SQL (as opposed to common belief), and 
that OCL needs an additional "tuplejoin" operator to achieve the 
desired result.

To whom do I have to address this issue? If you need more details on 
the actual ammendment, I can provide them (they are also in my 

Beste regards,

Herman Balsters

dr. H. Balsters
Faculty of Business Science
University of Groningen
The Netherlands

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