OCL workshop at UML 2003 / OCL 2.0 FTF Issues

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From: Jrn Guy S (jgsuess@cs.tu-berlin.de)
Date: Thu 30 Oct 2003 - 16:48:45 GMT

The OCL workshop at the UML 2003 conference which took place on October 21 
in San Francisco demonstrated convincingly the great interest in this subject,
at least on the academic side. 
Results of this meeting:

===================================  1   ===================================
The participants decided to
submit a joint document containing their contributions to the finalization
of the OCL 2.0 standard. Attached you will find the present version of this
You are invited to comment on this list and add your own issues to
Jrn Guy S (see E-mail address below).
Please, keep in mind:

(1) In the finalization phase only minor changes will be considered.
(2) Keep things simple, use e.g. ASCII. Add figures separately with clear
    reference if needed.
(3) If you prefer you may send your own issues directly to the head of the OCL 2.0
    Finalization Task Force (FTF) Wim Bast, Wim.Bast@nl.compuware.com
    (CC to Bran Selic  bselic@ca.ibm.com)
(4) The official deadline for submitting issues is Nov. 7, although really critical 
    issues submitted after that date may also be handled at the discretion of the FTF.

Neither Jrn nor myself will be able to devote extra time to editing the
incoming issues. If you feel that after the discussion on the mailing list
your submitted issues needs rewriting, you are kindly asked to do these
modifications and resubmit to Jrn Guy S via


The compiled document will be sent to Wim Bast and Bran Selic on November, 7.

===================================  2   ===================================
It was decided that there should be again a workshop devoted to OCL at the
UML 2004 conference in Lisbon. Octavian Patrascoiu, Kent University, kindly 
volunteered to be the initiator.




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