UML 03 Workshop on Consistency - call for participation

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From: Gianna Reggio (
Date: Thu 02 Oct 2003 - 15:55:13 BST

           **********  Call for participation ***********

                            Workshop  on

     "Consistency Problems in UML-based Software Development II"

                          October 20, 2003

                         San Francisco, USA

      Sixth International Conference on the Unified Modelling Language -

                  the Language and its applications

                          <<U M L   2003

                  "Model Languages and Applications"


                     Registration deadline : October 10, 2003


   9:00 - 9:30           Opening session

   9:30 - 10:30          Inconsistency examples

                          Hassan Gomaa and Duminda Wijesekera -

   Consistency in Multiple-View UML Models: A Case Study

                          Ludwik Kuzniarz and Miroslaw Staron -

   Inconsistencies in Student Designs

                          Thomas Huining Feng and Hans Vangheluwe - Case

   Study: Consistency Problems in a UML Model of a

                          Chat Room

   10:30 - 11:00         Break

   11:00 - 12:30         Consistency rules

                          C. Lange, M.R.V. Chaudron, J. Muskens, L.J.

   Somers, H.M. Dortmans - An Empirical Investigation in

                          Quantifying Inconsistency and Incompleteness       

                          of  UML Designs

                          Wuwei Shen, Yan Lu, and Weng Liong Low -

   Extending the UML Metamodel to Support Software


                          Jean Louis Sourrouille, Guy Caplat - A

   Pragmatic View on Consistency Checking of UML Models

                          Bogumila Hnatkowska, Zbigniew Huzar, Ludwik

                          Kuzniarz, Lech Tuzinkiewicz - Refinement 

                          Relationship between collaborations

   12:30 - 14:00         Lunch

   14:00 - 15:30          Formal approach to consistency and tools for

                          checking consistency

                          Gonzalo Genova, Juan Llorens, Jose M. Fuentes

                          The Baseless Links Problem

                          Egidio Astesiano, Gianna Reggio - An Algebraic

                          Proposal for Handling UML Consistency

                          Ragnhild Van Der Straeten, Tom Mens, Jocelyn

                          Simmonds - Maintaining Consistency between UML

                          Models Using Description Logic

                          Robert Wagner, Holger Giese, Ulrich A. Nickel

                          A Plug-In for Flexible and Incremental

                          Consistency Management

   15:30 - 16:00         Break

   16:30 - 18:00         Discussion

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