Positions for an Assistant Professor and several PhD students

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Date: Mon 01 Sep 2003 - 10:23:29 BST

[We apologise for multiple copies.]

  | The Formal Methods and Tools group is seeking applications for: |
  |                                                                 |
  |        an Assistant Professor and several PhD students          |

The Formal Methods and Tools group (FMT) at the University of Twente in 
the Netherlands is part of the Computer Science department of the Faculty 
of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, one of the 
largest academic institutions in computer science in the Netherlands with 
about 220 faculty members and 1200 students.  The FMT group currently has 
18 employees and is responsible for education and research in the area of
formal methods and supporting software tools.  We have internationally
recognised competence in formal specification, verification, conformance
testing, formal methods for object-oriented systems, hybrid systems, and
combining formal methods with performance and dependability analysis. 

The group has intensive co-operation with other universities and industry, 
both at the national and international level.  The FMT group is project 
leader of two national research projects funded by the Dutch Technology 
Foundation (STW), all as part of the PROGRESS programme for research on 
embedded systems, participates in seven projects funded by the Netherlands
Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and participates in two inter-
national projects funded by the European Commission (EC). 

More information about our group can be found at URL fmt.cs.utwente.nl.

We currently have the following vacancies:

Assistant Professorship

Task description:
You contribute actively to the research on formal methods and tools in
general, and to the theory and application of model-driven testing in
particular.  You coordinate part of our research activities, and contri-
bute to other lecturing duties within the faculty.  You are also involved 
in acquisition of external research funding, and are willing to carry out 
group management and organizational tasks.

Profile of the candidate:
You have a PhD in Computer Science or comparable qualifications and have
research experience in the field of formal methods with publications in
relevant international journals and conferences.  Familiarity with the
field of formal methods based testing techniques is considered an advan-
tage.  You are an experienced lecturer with excellent teaching skills, 
enjoy working in a team and have good communication skills.

Appointment and salary:
It is the Faculty's policy to offer a temporary position for a period of
five years.  The position is full time and the monthly salary is in accor-
dance with the collective labour agreement of Dutch universities and is 
maximally about Euro 4400 (salary scale 12) gross.  The salary is based 
on knowledge and experience.  An 8% holiday allowance is granted annually.

(See for application and contact information the end of this mail.)

PhD students

Task description:
In an inspiring environment you carry out research in one of our research

(I) TANGRAM, a project on processes and tools for the testing of complex
systems that is carried out as part of the Dutch institute for Embedded
Systems ESI (www.embeddedsystems.nl).  In this project, you will perform
research on hard and soft real-time testing and apply testing techniques
to industrial case studies.  Topics: integration of functional, real-time, 
and performance testing for complex embedded systems; test generation,
test selection and test tool development.

(II) MC=MC, a project funded by the NWO and carried out together with 
the group on Design and Analysis of Communication Systems (headed by
Prof. dr. Boudewijn Haverkort), focused on combining formal verification 
and performance analysis techniques.  In this project you will perform 
research on effective model checking techniques for infinite-state pro-
babilistic systems.  Topics: algorithms design for verifying Markov 
chains, formal semantics, tool development and application to large-scale
communication networks.  

Besides, we are looking for highly qualified candidates that want to carry
out research in one of our research activities on software model checking,
hybrid systems, or analysis of partial-order models.

You will contribute to the education duties of the FMT group and will be
enrolled for the courses of the Dutch graduate school IPA (Institute for 
Programming Research and Algorithmics, www.win.tue.nl/ipa).

Profile of the candidates:
You have an MSc (or equivalent) degree in computer science or strongly re-
lated area.  Familiarity with one or more of the aforementioned topics is
considered an advantage.  You enjoy working in an internationally oriented
research environment, and are willing to accept restricted lecturing duties.
Good communicative skills are desirable.

Appointment and salary:
You will be appointed for a period of 4 years with a gross salary ranging
between approximately Euro 2100 per month (first year) and Euro 2300 per 
month (fourth year), plus an 8% holiday allowance.  

Information and application

You can obtain further information about these positions from:

- Prof.dr. Ed Brinksma, brinksma@cs.utwente.nl, tel. +31 53 4893676 
- Dr.ir. Joost-Pieter Katoen, katoen@cs.utwente.nl, tel. +31 53 4895675

You are invited to send an application by email to both persons above 
before ** September 30, 2003 **.  Your application should consist of a 
cover letter, a curriculum vitae (including detailed information regarding 
your academic degree, research projects and teaching experience) and the 
names and addresses of three references. 

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