ANN: Learning UML

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From: Sinan Si Alhir (
Date: Sat 12 Jul 2003 - 14:16:22 BST

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*** Learning UML ***


Learning UML is the quintessential tutorial for the Unified Modeling
Language (UML).

Topics and Features:

- Introduces the UML and places it in perspective
- Leads you through an orderly progress towards mastery of the language
- Structural modeling answers the "who" and "what" questions of systems
  -- Learn how the UML is used to model the structure of a system using
     class and object diagrams
  -- Learn how to use use-case diagrams to model the functionality of a
  -- Learn how component and deployment diagrams are used to model the
     way in which a system is deployed in a physical environment
- Behavioral modeling addresses the questions of "when," "how," and
  -- Learn how to use sequence and collaboration diagrams to model the
     interaction over time between system components
  -- Learn how to use state diagrams to describe the life cycle of
     system components
  -- Learn how to use activity diagrams to document control-flow and
- Maintains a clear focus on UML the language and avoids getting caught
  up in the cobwebs of methodology
- Each chapter ends with a set of exercises that you can use to test
  your growing knowledge of UML and its concepts

Sample Chapter 8, Activity Diagrams, is available online.

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