Re: an ideal about CMM in UML,wish your reply

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From: Amit midha (
Date: Wed 23 Apr 2003 - 08:11:07 BST

hello there,
  MDA is more of a  technical methodology to convert architecture 
to executable system. it does not talk abt the process to be 
followed for doing so,you may be using RUP and collecting 
metrics,so u are at Level 3
and u might not be using MDA  at the same combining CMM 
and MDA would restrict my choices, I might want to be a Level 5 
certified firm by not following MDA!So, I wont prefer to go for 
this option.


On Wed, 23 Apr 2003 free_wind wrote :
> 	As I know, CMM is mainly a guidance about how to improve the 
>process quality,and CMM's main usage is evaluation and helping 
>the improvement.
> 	But as to the basic process(the software engineering process 
>such as development process) in software development. there is 
>lack of the guidance in CMM.
> 	Today as the MDA was pushed out by OMG, I have a idea: why not 
>model CMM in UML? If we do it ,then with the facility of the MDA 
>framework, we can realize the interchange between the CMM model 
>and the software engineering process model ( I consider this kind 
>of process is combinded tightly to the concrete technique which 
>be used ). Besides, in the MDA framework, the profile techinique 
>can help us to tailor the CMM model easily.
> 	So, my questions are:
> 	1) Dose the idea meaningful?
> 	2) It seems that nobody has done similar work ,why?
> 	Wish your reply and Thank you for reading my mail.
>Best regards!
>        free_wind
>          2003-04-23
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